If You’re Serious About Running a Retail Barter Exchange, You Need Serious Software … You Need TradeWorks!

A Barter Exchange Isn’t Just a Club - You’re Handling Other People’s Money …

You need barter software that does a lot more than look sexy. You’re running a business with both serious accounting and dynamic sales and marketing aspects. We specialize in trade exchange, barter software - have been since 1985. We’re also CPAs who have owned and now manage a retail trade exchange. We know the ins and outs of a good trade accounting system: one that’s always in balance, produces great looking statements, creates lots of reports, and complies with IRS 1099B requirements.

A system that allows you to spend more time selling, less on managing … that helps you build volume.

We’re not generic computer consultants who’ve been paid to develop software for an exchange. We program for our own company and for the dozens of independent trade exchanges who are using our system. Exchanges of all sizes - some new, some with multiple offices. We’re not going to disappear when a better offer comes along.

We provide low interest financing, ongoing tech support, upgrades, custom statements, data conversion, installation and training. And a manual.

When you buy TradeWorks you get the power and efficiency of true, multi-user mainframe computing on your PC network, with DOS, all Windows versions and even Linux compatibility.

Why reinvent the wheel? Or spend tens of thousands of dollars on programmers who’ll disappear in a year or two? Simplify your life. Find out what dozens of trade exchanges like yours already know. Keep surfing our web site.






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